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Hi! My name is Constance, Connie for short, and I'm so excited you are here. I'm a full time graduate student and part time teaching associate at the California State University Los Angeles where I'm studying Nutritional Science + the Coordinated Dietetic Program. My journey to nutrition first came to be through my undergraduate studies at DePaul University in Chicago, a place I consider my second home. Through falling in love with the sciences, my experience as an AFAA group fitness instructor, and my love for people, I realized that helping others improve their lives through food and their mentality surrounding food was something I would want to do for the rest of my life. Besides nutrition (I believe everyone needs hobbies) I work with kids of all ages and enjoy connecting with them through my two favorite organizations, the YMCA of The Foothills, and the American Youth Soccer Organization. My passion lies in nutrition education and I hope to work in outpatient education as an RD!  


  • @gratefully_nourished put it better then I ever could! So much of this decision is rooted in asking yourself the question "what do I need right now"?.
Do you need that movement or are you moving from external pressure or unrealistic expectations of yourself? Is that movement helping or harming you (yes, exercise can be harmful). And then throw in a @heymrroe with a "what sounds good?!" If exercise DOES sound like the right choice... think about your day. If you had planned a HIIT class but you had a huge presentation and meetings all day and you just need some air- maybe a walk is more up your alley or a restorative yoga class.

Joyful movement FTW. Happy hump day!
  • If you are anything like me (Type A over scheduler) you have a hard time transitioning from a highly organized google calendar week to a seemingly open weekend. Throw in anxiety and you got yourself a recipe for a panic attack when a weekend is supposed to be stress relieving 🙈. So was born the weekend rhythm.

Just like a loose meal plan can help you provide nourishing, flexible, and satisfying meals for yourself, so too can giving yourself a weekend mold to know what components you need on your life plate to be satisfied.

I wrote about this on the blog. Check out stories to see what 6 things make my weekends great. Curious if you have a rhythm too! 👇🏻
  • Nice to see you again sun ☀️It's spring in LA and I have zero complaints about this gorgeous weekend.

Only took me till my mid 20's to find the ideal weekend formula but hey- I'll take it. More on the blog about that tomorrow. It's happy hour, see ya!

Ps- suit is from @aerie and all swimsuit tops and bottoms are 17 bucks today!
  • Let’s talk about stress and eating. The normal physiological response to stress is actually like you turning off the light switch that controls your appetite and digestion because it has to divert all this other energy to saving you from the stressor (like running away from a bear) or helping you cope with it (exam stress, hello full attention to lecture slides and paper deadlines)..

And while you may not feel hungry, your body still needs food to function at its best. This is tough because you don’t feel like eating- food may even become totally unappetizing. One of my tricks around times like these is to make a smoothie. I suggest these to my stressed out students, too! This is one instance where drinking a smoothie while you study or drive, aka distracted eating, is helpful. .
On this particular day we had a mound of kale leftover from a bean soup recipe, some frozen berries, and there’s always chia in the cupboard. Adding in plain kefir from @lifewaykefir adds protein to help you feel full and probiotics to support healthy digestion. This makes an awesome snack to bring along my drive while I’m trying to not think about yesterday's presentation! How do you care for your stressed out tummy? 👇🏻 #sponsored
  • Today I braved the wilderness and presented to the doctors, nurses, and other members of the health care team at the CSULA Student Health Center on weight stigma and how it prevents ethical, compassionate care. The dialogue after the presentation was better than I could have expected and the room was engaged and appreciative of my time. I remember the first time I raised my hand in class with this burning desire to advocate for a size inclusive paradigm and nutrition that supports that. I had just started reading Health At Every Size and had a few articles printed and highlighted. I was terrified and it was hard to speak to a room of people who opposed me and who were also my peers. 2 years later, in my last few weeks here on campus as a student I did the same thing but just with a lot more knowledge in this brain of mine and a passion for my profession. I can't wait to keep learning 💃🏻
To any student who disagrees with the weight- centric paradigm we are taught, speak out. It doesn't have to be perfect and it never will be but you never know if you will plant a seed and change people in the process. The more you practice the more comfortable you get!
  • Looks like IG is workin with me now 🤞🏼so here's the thing- my intention for posting this on National RD Day was to show you my path to becoming an RD. Extensive post on the blog to come! I wanted to show you how many hours of class we sit in to finally get those two letters after our names and what a broad spectrum of topics we cover. We don't just make meal plans lol- so many people think we do that! .
I also wanted to cheer on anyone in the thick of this. If it seems like there's no light at the end of the tunnel yet I PROMISE YOU- it comes. You got this! .
But last of all I wanted to note that much of what I know now and what I'm passionate about I did not learn in school. I learned how the body works for sure and actually had a great health science foundation (thank you, DePaul!) but we need to do better. In the dietetics curriculum I wish we learned about ethical care for all bodies and about the dangers of promoting dieting that leads people to either fail the diet 95% of the time, expose people to weight cycling and that damage, develop disordered eating behavior or an eating disorder. We touched on it in a few lectures in my Masters course work but we need this EVERYWHERE- in all levels of dietetic education. I hope that the traditional curriculum will change to be more weight inclusive- I really do. I hope one day on that course list there's stuff like "Maternal and Child Nutrition, Fostering Interoceptive Awareness Into Adulthood for Your Child"  or " The Weight Neutral Paradigm, How We Can Be Compassionate Clinicians". .
Anywho. I'm here now. Thank goodness. Thanks to the amazing people who paved the way so I could follow. 72 days till graduation. WOHOO.
  • The most intriguing part of my meal had to be my green juice mimosa. 10/10 would recommend and @hungryhaley will back me up 🥂but also Eggs Benedict at @thebutchersdaughter_official was unreal. Always an awesome time seeing my IG friends not on a phone screen 🤳🏼! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!
  • Part 2 of joyful movement is YOUR favorite ways to move! For me, I did a bunch of trial and error till I found my favorites. I also kept an open mind for anything new that piqued my interest and tried that too- I even took a hula hooping class! My intention changed from trying to change my body to trying to respect it. Sometimes rest or walking through target is respecting my body and sometimes a super sweaty step class is (you know, step aerobes from the 80’s?!).
. . 
I took a new YMCA class a few times a week till I tried everything that appealed to me. Then I kept the fun ones and never went back to the ones that felt blah. I realized that 1-2 sweaty workouts a week are great for me- the rest are lower impact like yoga, barre, or walking/hiking. I really disliked many of the classes that involved running, spinning, or hard HIIT. That’s just me though- your story will not be exactly like mine! .

I also learned that arriving to a workout too hungry set me up to have constant thoughts of food so I always kept extra snacks on hand with enough of both protein and carbohydrates, like a mini 8oz grab and go bottle of @lifewaykefir to have before or  used as an option to re-fuel so I wasn’t ravenous for my next meal. Who’s in to hoola hoop with me at recess!? #sponsored