About Me

Hi! My name is Constance, Connie for short, and I'm so excited to share my tips, tricks, and recipes on living an active life style fueled by whole foods. I am certified Group Fitness Instructor and a recent grad from DePaul University in Chicago, IL with a Bachelor's of Science in Health Science. I am now a Masters student at California State University Los Angeles studying Nutritional Science in addition to the Coordinated Dietetic Program. I am passionate about real food and hope to show you that eating well and being good to our bodies doesn't come with a high price or time tag and anyone can make small steps to a healthier life style! 


  • I forgot how hungry a high intensity workout makes me! I came home to enjoy an @alvaradostreetbakery sprouted wheat bagel (seriously if you haven't tried this brand yet PLZ DO), a fried egg from my @milkandeggscom order, a whole bb avocado, arugula, and salsa! High intensity workouts usually aren't my first choice because it feels too competitive but this new class today was just the perfect mix of strength + high intensity cardio for my new Wednesday routine! Off to campus 👏🏻
  • *celebrates one day of grad school with a cocktail* @cafegratitude Beverly Hills has a happy hour menu that is INSANE. Arts District will always be my jam but this watermelon marg is actual bliss 🍉
  • Monday lunch box set up! I'm on campus for about 8 hours today so this is day one of seeing if this is the right amount of food for the day or if I need more. Leftover Indian over spinach, a @siggisdairy 0%, some leftover @perfectbar with chocolate chips and cashews (I always need something sweet for mid afternoon), fruit, @hippeas_snacks , and @chameleoncoldbrew for before night class! Wishing you all a happy Monday! Off to my last first day of school (not counting the one seminar class I have to be in during rotations because that's not really school)! 🙌🏻
  • IM BACK BABY 👋🏻 we have a barren fridge and I managed to whip this up with @bobsredmill whole wheat flour (my go to for pancakes), some leftover almond milk that stayed good, frozen berries, and an egg! 
Recipe I always use- 1 cup whole wheat flour, 2.5 tsp baking soda, 2 tsp coconut sugar, 1 cup liquid (today I had almond milk- if you have good old cows milk that's good too) , 1 egg! I add chocolate chips to the batter and today I warmed up extra frozen berries for my fruit. 
Today is going to be PACKED considering I start an 8 hour class day tomorrow with zero books to my name so I'll see ya on stories!
  • Last night here in Italy feeling grateful to be safe and rested as many parts of this world feel the opposite. My heart aches as I see the news and all I can think to do is spread as much love as I can in this space and in my everyday life. Thank you for following along with my travels and dealing with seeing the immense amount of carbohydrates, ice cream, and wine I consumed over the last 2 1/2 weeks! I'm ready for you Fall semester- just have to fly across the world to get back to you! Thanks again for all your support in this space in however you show it- seriously means a lot to me! ❤️
  • Found a DELISH salad in Italy that hit every craving I had. We have eaten traditional Italian food every day which has been amazing but all I wanted was a little break so we stumbled upon this more modern restaurant and I enjoyed this lettuce, grilled goat cheese, chicken, apple, and sesame seed salad + a solid helping of my dad's seafood pasta for some carbs + this AMAZE local wine that I recommend to anyone in the Cinque Terre area called Vermentino 🥂 Not sure where else you can find it but I'll be on the lookout!
  • Hands down best dish I've had this far was the ricotta ravioli in Siena yesterday (mom has some bomb risotto with pears and Gorgonzola cheese with a balsamic reduction- the flavors were unreal)! We were outside on a teeny street with people and restaurants lining both sides and it was magic. The pesto sauce in top of the roasted tomatoes was just perfection. I also had a glass of the local white wine and we moved along with our day! Today we are beaching it in Santa Margherita - check out the eats on stories!
  • What a day! We visited 3 towns today (check out stories), found my ideal bakery, ate the best ravioli I've had this entire trip, and I went to my first winery in Chianti, Italy. I really enjoyed listening to how the grapes of this region are specific to Chianti wine and how each wine was paired with a locally crafted food item like salami or sheep's milk cheese with grape skin reduction 😫. I'm going to make it point this year to get to more wineries in CA because this gal just found her niche! I haven't been able to appreciate wine till I got to grad school- I think I needed some time to figure out what I really like and college just wasn't that time for me. That and make it to more coffee shops to study in- I think I can make those 2 things happen 👌🏼