About Me

Hi! My name is Constance, Connie for short, and I'm so excited you are here. I'm a full time graduate student and part time teaching associate at the California State University Los Angeles where I'm studying Nutritional Science + the Coordinated Dietetic Program. My journey to nutrition first came to be through my undergraduate studies at DePaul University in Chicago, a place I consider my second home. Through falling in love with the sciences, my experience as an AFAA group fitness instructor, and my love for people, I realized that helping others improve their lives through food and their mentality surrounding food was something I would want to do for the rest of my life. Besides nutrition (I believe everyone needs hobbies) I work with kids of all ages and enjoy connecting with them through my two favorite organizations, the YMCA of The Foothills, and the American Youth Soccer Organization. My passion lies in nutrition education and I hope to work in outpatient education as an RD! Β 


  • The seafood in Hvar has been incredible. We have been trying new dishes every day! Yesterday our waitress brought out the fish that was caught a few hours earlier for us to choose from! Tonight was grilled shrimp, tuna, sea bass, and gnocchi + veggies and a black rice that wasn't pictured + local wine. Happy weekending from the weissmuller dinner table to you 😘
  • Currently sitting in the hotel gym alone entertaining my introverted side thinking about how gorgeous this view is and counting some blessings. Don't let this photo fool you this island is PACKED and I'm honestly so happy I found a spot without people in it for an hour πŸ˜‚ Sending you love from Hvar! Happy FRIYAY!
  • Some days you have less than ideal eating experiences (link in bio πŸ‘†πŸ»)and you look for nourishment in the places you can- sometimes that's just physical- carbs, protein, fat. You try to find satisfaction and pleasure in some element of the experience. On the other hand, some days you have an eating experience where you find pleasure in everything- it's aesthetically pleasing, delicious, spent with great company, and in an insanely stunning place with great service and you are like YUP- THIS is an ideal moment and I'm gonna soak it up. There's room for both in life and there is beauty in both.
  • I asked for strawberry and chocolate and was handed this. Not mad! Pregaming lunch with this snack after a 2.5 hour walk around Split and following this up with a swim in the Adriatic for some Intuitive movement because that sounds so good right now. 🏊🏻
  • Dear Croatian mojito man: these rock. Kate and I discovered these at the little festival next to our hotel and we have tried almost ever flavor between the two of us. My criteria for a cocktail = strong and not too sweet and these are just that! Grabbing one more drink to watch the World Cup on the big screen tonight in the park before we head to Split tomorrow am!
  • Found vegetables in a sea of beer, bread, and meat! It's not that I'm not loving those things but this was so refreshing and my body was certainly missing it! I'm ready for my nap and mojito now ✌🏻
  • Today's Zagreb adventure so far was a 2 hour walking tour, food, and the museum of broken relationships! Loving how kind the people are here and how walkable the city is πŸšΆπŸ½β€β™€οΈ
  • We feel like half zombie half human right now but we needed to fill our tummies! Walking through Zagreb we found a pizza pace that sounded yummy with a patio and asked for the local beer (OΕΎujsko) + pies with some of our favorite ham we fell in love with in Spain! Sissie is still en route to Croatia- can't wait for everyone to be here πŸ‡­πŸ‡·