About Me

Hi! My name is Constance, Connie for short, and I'm so excited you are here. I'm a full time graduate student and part time teaching associate at the California State University Los Angeles where I'm studying Nutritional Science + the Coordinated Dietetic Program. My journey to nutrition first came to be through my undergraduate studies at DePaul University in Chicago, a place I consider my second home. Through falling in love with the sciences, my experience as an AFAA group fitness instructor, and my love for people, I realized that helping others improve their lives through food and their mentality surrounding food was something I would want to do for the rest of my life. Besides nutrition (I believe everyone needs hobbies) I work with kids of all ages and enjoy connecting with them through my two favorite organizations, the YMCA of The Foothills, and the American Youth Soccer Organization. My passion lies in nutrition education and I hope to work in outpatient education as an RD!  


  • Sprinting around Sacramento to catch my kids speaking in the most comfy dress in town. Exact dress, sweater, (check out stories for a better view), and sun glasses are linked with the closest variations of everything else 🚶🏽‍♀️Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! #liketkit
  • After getting 300 kids to Sacramento at 1 am this diner brunch was the perfect start to our time here after a good nights rest! I'll keep you guys as posted as I can on stories and hope you have a great day!
  • Happy V day! I made this "trail mix" for my teens this weekend with olive oil popcorn from @traderjoes , chocolate hearts, candy hearts, @californiaalmonds , @mmschocolate , and chocolate chips so they would have some snacks for the bus ride up today. I'll be storing mine in my mini @healthyhumanlife - how stinkin cute is it 😍. Hope you have a wonderful day and feel some love!
  • Post workout noms - whole wheat toast, ✌🏻 eggs, A LOT of @traderjoes vegan pesto (hands down my favorite item they have) + arugula (lots more after the photo because it didn't fit) and oranges! I'm off to try and check about 81266272 things off my to do list but I'll be back with a Valentines Day trail mix later! 😘🍫
  • Pre teaching snack with the new plant based brownie @perfectbar with 10 g plant-based protein only available till 2/18! Check out my story for the direct link 😍 Also always schlepping my @madewell tote, @packitcool lunch box, @stitchfix wardrobe, and new @danielwellington watch around campus! Happy Tuesday!#perfectbrowniepoints
  • My weekend involved lotsa friends, lotsa school work, lotsa walking, and lotsa good food that involved salads, donuts, veggie soups, and pizzaaa. I was alone in the house this weekend and now that google calendar and I are friends, it made for a very efficient weekend. Swipe up on stories to get the recap 🍪 Happy Monday!
  • Fueling up before spending the day with Oma with a blueberry and a banana @kitchfix waffle + berries, butter, and syrup + lotsa coffee. Headed to pick her up for mass and some shopping! Shopping used to be our little thing and oma would explain to me the fashion back in the day when she got her first job in America as a seamstress but as she has gotten older we do it less frequently so it's extra special now 😊 Happy Sunday!
  • @plated hooked me up with everything I needed to make this Carrot Tahini Soup with amazing home made crackers! I've had the nicest Friday and I hope you have too 😊 check out my stories for a link to get 50% off your first @plated box (which I would 100% recommend)!