About Me

Hi! My name is Constance, Connie for short, and I'm so excited you are here. I'm a full time graduate student and part time teaching associate at the California State University Los Angeles where I'm studying Nutritional Science + the Coordinated Dietetic Program. My journey to nutrition first came to be through my undergraduate studies at DePaul University in Chicago, a place I consider my second home. Through falling in love with the sciences, my experience as an AFAA group fitness instructor, and my love for people, I realized that helping others improve their lives through food and their mentality surrounding food was something I would want to do for the rest of my life. Besides nutrition (I believe everyone needs hobbies) I work with kids of all ages and enjoy connecting with them through my two favorite organizations, the YMCA of The Foothills, and the American Youth Soccer Organization. My passion lies in nutrition education and I hope to work in outpatient education as an RD!  


  • Post paddle boarding lunch of a whole wheat wrap + turkey and cheeses + veggies, hummus, and fruit! Worked up an appetite for sure with one of my favorite types of joyful movement. Happy Thursday 🤗
  • On this edition of Why I Ate Wednesday-a kids scoop of @haagendazs_us ice cream at the mall while running around getting last minute paperwork and errands done for rotations and forgetting a snack in my bag. I needed something to get my blood sugar up quickly so I didn't get road rage or turn into a hangry monster and this did just the trick. Today my hunger cues manifested mentally rather than physically- irritability is a big cue for me and I chose to listen. Happy Wednesday!
  • A week from now I'll be back on campus for Monday seminar for rotation year. GAH. Until then I get to have a session with my therapist today and I am very excited. Therapy is cool and life changing- 10/10 would recommend. .
After my walk this morning I enjoyed some @traderjoes multigrain pancakes, a scrambled egg with some avo and some cherries! Protein, carbs, fat. Done!
  • A friendly reminder for you if you get some down time to shop around this weekend! I'm just here waiting for @loft to have a 40% off day so I can business casual it UP.

When we learn to care for ourselves by participating in joyful movement just for the sake of enjoying moving our bodies, eating physically and emotionally satisfying + nourishing food without rules, sleeping enough, engaging in meaningful relationships, and managing stress, our bodies will likely change. They might take up more space, less space, or change shape a bit. All these things can make our cloths feel different and it's totally ok to purchase some new ones you feel good in this very minute. Feeling good has nothing to do with the number on the pair of pants or dress but instead how it feels on your body.
  • Working my way towards some more @panerabread rewards at lunch with mom! Swipe up in my stories to join the MyPanera Rewards program and receive rewards like birthday or welcome goodies 🤗 ps Panera is a great study spot - they have food (and coffee) when you are hungry and awesome wifi! I got the  1/2 Caprese and 1/2 Asian Sesame with Chicken and mom got the full salads + iced tea for me! #sponsored #mypanera
  • Long time no post- and for the simple reason of I'm just plain overwhelmed and emotionally drained from real life. That leaves Instagram Connie very little energy to be present. Sometimes I can do both but apparently that hasn't been so easy this time and that's fine! Just wanted to bop in and say hi, I appreciate you, and I'll be back to posting maybe later today or maybe next week 🤷🏽‍♀️ Hope you are having a great Wednesday! @hannahschweissphotography ❤️
  • Lunching on some 3 bean salad with spinach + cheese + turkey + crackers + fruit for lunch! Gang's all here- carbs protein and fatz 💃🏻 Our bodies loove a variety of food groups! I have an extra hour to play around in the kitchen today and I'm off to make some @ambitiouskitchen tahini brownies. ✌🏻Hope you are having an awesome Thursday!
  • Waking up early and walking to get the last slice of cool before the LA heat torches us again is the only movement that has sounded appealing this weekend. Just a gentle reminder that walking is in fact exercise- you don't have to be at max heart rate for your movement to "count". Happy Sunday 🤗