About Me

Hi! My name is Constance, Connie for short, and I'm so excited to share my tips, tricks, and recipes on living an active life style fueled by whole foods. I am certified Group Fitness Instructor and a recent grad from DePaul University in Chicago, IL with a Bachelor's of Science in Health Science. I am now a Masters student at California State University Los Angeles studying Nutritional Science in addition to the Coordinated Dietetic Program. I am passionate about real food and hope to show you that eating well and being good to our bodies doesn't come with a high price or time tag and anyone can make small steps to a healthier life style! 


  • To be honest I haven't had a substantial serving of vegetables for 2 days so I made up for lost time with this ginormous arugula salad with a leftover turkey burger + apple, cumin spiced brussel sprouts + avo + peas + 1/2 a whole wheat burger bun with butter and @tessemaes garlic and lemon dressing. I didn't even think about it - veggies just weren't really that big part of my plate this weekend and I'm cool with that. Happy Monday!
  • Some weekend eats are on the blog + some of the big things I learned this year in grad school! Happy Monday! Also how gorgeous was this Friday BBQ!? Wishing you a happy Monday!
  • I can already tell that taking this summer "off" is probably going to be one of the best decisions I've made in a while. I've never had a summer where I'm not working over 40 hours a week with kids so I'm not really sure how being unstructured is really going to work but all I know is I am SO burned out. I started grad school more than full time 6 days after graduating undergrad not even a year ago and I need some time to be Connie. I'm excited to write my thesis project, travel, read, and soak up some outside and see my people. Wishing you the happiest Sunday and start to summer if you are a student!
  • Current situation: tequila snow cone.
  • I saw Teresa use her @califlourfoods crust as a vehicle for avocado this morning and I was like yeah, totally happening today. I took it easy today and went to a later step class that was super enjoyable and here we are! I have 1/2 a regular crust here + mashed avocado + a fried pasture raised egg + some herb goat cheese + its cherry season again YAY. I'm really enjoying the first day of break- headed to @gmweho for margs in a bit! Thanks again for all of you who wished me well during finals and just in general- I'm really thankful for this space and the freaking awesome people that have become friends because of it.
  • Saturday 🥞 are my favorite breakfast! I made @skinnytaste 's whole wheat pancakes and they rocked + syrup and butter! Skipped step class because this gal wasn't feeling up to it and that's ok so I'll be planning my workout with what sounds good. Hope you all have a relaxing Saturday!
  • Dinner with the best friend and her fam after happy hour is my ideal Friday! Celebrating my first year of grad school with all the BBQ , wine, and fresh air. Happy kid over here! We had salad, marinated flank steak, corn on the cob, black rice, and grilled veggies + 🍷.
  • I get so used to eating lunch on Thursday's by myself since it's my break time between classes but having sis home is a nice change 👯We usually always lunch on a huge salad today was arugula, chickpeas, herb goat cheese, baked sweet potatoes, avocado, apple, and @tessemaes caesar dressing + @honeymamas after!