About Me

Hi! My name is Constance, Connie for short, and I'm so excited you are here. I'm a full time graduate student and part time teaching associate at the California State University Los Angeles where I'm studying Nutritional Science + the Coordinated Dietetic Program. My journey to nutrition first came to be through my undergraduate studies at DePaul University in Chicago, a place I consider my second home. Through falling in love with the sciences, my experience as an AFAA group fitness instructor, and my love for people, I realized that helping others improve their lives through food and their mentality surrounding food was something I would want to do for the rest of my life. Besides nutrition (I believe everyone needs hobbies) I work with kids of all ages and enjoy connecting with them through my two favorite organizations, the YMCA of The Foothills, and the American Youth Soccer Organization. My passion lies in nutrition education and I hope to work in outpatient education as an RD!  


  • Capping off my last night in Seattle with great people and ice cream 🍦Zero complaints! Turmeric Golden Milk, Salted Caramel Ash, and Mint Brownie! 
Have you guys been to @frankieandjos ?! What's your favorite flavor! 👇🏻
  • Before I became educated on IE myself I thought it was only for people who were working through their eating disorder or disordered eating to become normal eaters again. While that’s certainly true, IE is actually for everyone- it’s the step before normal eating and can be part of life for any individual (that is, if that individual is lucky enough to have access to a variety of food and a safe environment to care for themselves- we have to talk about privilege with IE)..
Intuitive Eating is a health promoting way of eating that is the end goal for everyone. I got many questions when I was in clinical saying “how do you handle being HAES and IE informed while being in such a weight centric and diet centered environment?” The truth is that even though IE may not be the next right thing for an individual newly diagnosed with diabetes or who is recovering from a quadruple bypass, for example- it can be the goal. There are ways to bridge the gap between Medical Nutrition Therapy given by RDs in the clinical setting or for a specific disease state/ flare up that still respects and fosters IE with caring for specific medical needs.

I can’t think of a person who couldn’t benefit from taking care of their mental and physical health through intuitive eating.
  • Came to Vancouver and found some of the best tacos I've ever had. Also, churros 💃🏻 Spent the morning on the Sea Wall and we're heading to Edgemont Village to stroll and sip some coffee!

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!
  • When some sweet and some savory sounds like a good idea and you have a buddy to share it with 🙏🏻 Post Hatha with @michelle.p.rd at @copa_vida pre flight to Vancouver! I think I'm going to make yoga before a flight a habit if I can! Feeling nice and stretched before sitting ✈️ Happy Saturday!
  • I threw it out a few weeks ago after stubbing my toe on it for years and my floor is so spacious!

But really, scales just represent the relationship between us and gravity- nothing more. It contributes to BMlie and false assumptions that less weight = more healthy.

I know without stepping on a scale that I take good care of myself by moving my body joyfully, sleeping enough, engaging in positive relationships, eating intuitively, and managing my stress and anxiety among other things. That's really what determines my health. The scale would not change absolutely any if those things.

What does the scale not tell you!? 👇🏻
  • Shout out to @yogaworks for starting my day off on a high note with some Hatha 💆🏽and shout out to my mamma for taking me out for lunch and early birthday birthday shopping around Old Town.

This post internship life is niiiiccceee you guys 😍
  • How many of you feel like social media sucks the life out of you some days even if you have a community of people that you like to keep up with and vice versa? 🙋🏽 Well if you do, you're not alone. In learning how to use social media to support my life rather than leave me feeling lonely, I found with the help of Brene Brown, that what I was feeling wasn't unique. It was actually well studied!

Brené states that "as much as our presence online connects us, without actual face to face contact we really can't find true belonging or real connection." So no wonder we feel depleted! Often, we spend so much time searching for connection on a platform that offers no face to face contact, unless you make that a priority. THEN we're talking about a positive use of social media.

So I'm here to nudge you and say YES connect on your phone but don't forget to connect in real life if you can. Thanks for an awesome weekend @hungryhaley and @grraass ⛰
  • Tassajara Delite post hike and pre winery on this beautiful day in SLO ☀️ I always try and get something I don't make for myself when I'm out like having bacon or fun cheeses and sprouts + jalapeño honey sauce! Happy weekending!