Hi! My name is Constance, Connie for short, and I'm so excited you're here! This is my space to chat nutrition, share my journey through graduate school, and overshare on my life. Currently, I'm in my second year of CSULA's Masters of Nutritional Science program and Coordinated Dietetic Program and I'm well on my way to my dream of having those 4 letters (MS, RD) after my name. I received my BS in Health Science from DePaul University and will forever and always consider Chicago my second home. 

In undergrad, I was a certified AFAA group fitness and Zumba instructor and loved inspiring people to enjoy their workouts. After graduation in June 2016 and with the start of grad school that same June I quickly realized teaching was no longer for me. I was no longer passionate about smiling like crazy in front of a class when I wasn't truly enjoying those workouts anymore. I quickly found peace in a regular yoga practice, assuming the student role in group fit classes, and getting fresh air through hikes and walks to get out of the stale library and lecture hall air. 

I slowly but surely became more confident in the way I listened to my body in terms of feeding it, moving it, dressing it, and thinking and talking about it. The Connie who once struggled with an eating disorder and masked disordered eating thoughts and behaviors up until the middle of college is no longer the Connie that writes this blog today. 

I am thriving in my graduate studies in finding what area of nutrition I am truly passionate about and I really couldn't be happier. I've re-fallen in love with food and I have found a passion in teaching and nutrition education. I've been blessed to be hired as a Teaching Associate at CSULA to teach basic nutrition and fitness to first time exercisers and most often, individuals who are making their first attempt at living a better life nutritionally. I am also constantly blessed by my YMCA community who has given me more support in my growth as a human than any other place or group of people. 

Aside from nutrition I love kids and work closely with teens at the Y along with soccer players in the American Youth Soccer Organization. I cherish my faith and find peace in mass and in quiet time in prayer. I love people. My favorite people are my family and my friends. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such amazing people in my life but they make life so fun. I really love exploring, especially new cities and countries. Lastly, I am a deeply emotional human! I can find the beauty in just about anything and often find myself in awe of something wonderful in the day. 

I truly believe that food is better when shared among family and friends and that it can be the preventative medicine that we need in our lives.

Welcome to constancelyeating I can't wait to share!